The Rebel popping little froggie  is deadly for Largemouth Bass. They’re seen as a plate full of tasty protein by that populate the lakes.


The Storm Arashi Silent Square is a crankbait that, like spinnerbaits, can cover a large area of water in a short time. They’re a versatile option and can be effective in a wide variety of environments such as steep, rocky banks and edges, broad and shallow flats, and along bushes, stumps, and grasslines. Bass love ‘em!

Fishing Lures

by Captain Gus Gustafson

On a recent bass fishing trip, an angler changed lures a dozen times in the first half hour. During the same period, others were catching fish and didn’t switch once. When asked why he was switching so frequently, the fishless angler replied, “This is what I do when I go fishing. I spend endless hours and lots of money buying lures, and this is how I get my enjoyment.” It didn’t seem to matter that everyone else was catching fish. His fishing trip was about casting, retrieving and experimenting with the shiny new lures he had purchased.


 While using lures that are suitable for the conditions and species being targeted is important, it goes without saying that the lure must swim close enough for a fish to see, hear or smell in order for it to strike. If you don’t believe this, try casting your favorite bass lure into a swimming pool and see how many fish you catch. However, successful anglers do not depend solely on the lure itself, but also on technique and on being in the right place at the right time.


 It’s not only bass fishermen who

change lures frequently. Trout fisher-men change patterns and colors until they “match the hatch.”

While most would rather buy than tie their own flies, some derive as much satisfaction from tying and showing off their collection as they do catching trout. And, why not, when the result could be a hit on your handcrafted lure!


There are fishermen who can recite the name, manufacturer, stock number, size and color of every lure they’ve ever caught a fish on, and others who tinker with lures to make them look differently or swim better. Some even have a stash of paint bottles and nail polish with them to change lure colors while fishing. To this group, it’s all about the lures and not about the fish they are really after.


 Finally, there are anglers who regularly catch fish with the same handful of lures over and over again. For whatever reason, their “go to” lures usually catch fish. Somehow they have figured out the right color combination, size, shape or swimming action to catch fish. Regardless of whether they use something as simple as a six-inch pumpkin seed colored floating worm, or an Alabama Rig, the common thread is their confidence in a few lures that produce fish trip after trip.


 Fishing lures are like are like friends. Choose them carefully.


The Tru Tungsten Mad Maxx frog has a rattle (Bass like a little noise, you know.) as well as a drain, so it won’t fill with water like many similar soft  baits.

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